Stainless Steel/Bronze

SteelPro Specialties, Inc. specializes in stainless steel and bronze fabrication and service work on counter tops, doors, frames, and windows. SteelPro also specializes in refinishing and cladding existing elevator doors, entrance frames, and interior cab paneling.

Supply for…

* Airports
* Commercial/Industrial
* Hospitals
* Hotels
* Restaurants
* Schools



Existing Bronze Elevator Entrance Frame and Doors










Stainless Steel Cladding Over Bronze Elevator Entrance Frame and Doors










Quality Service on…

* Refinishing stainless steel
* Cladding existing elevator entrance frames, doors, and panels
* Custom fabrication of stainless steel counter tops



We Provide…

*Drug-Free workplace
*Certified Welders
*Over 30 years of experience


Existing Elevator Cab Interior Aluminum Back Wall







Stainless Steel Cladding Over Aluminum Back Wall